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Find Mentors

Summary: Find Mentors pattern is about asking for help while exploring the unknown. Every time we decide to take a new path – learn a new language, we do not know what is in store for us and therefore have no clue as to how deal with problems that we might face. The pattern recognizes […]

Learn How You Fail

Summary: Those who don’t learn from their past mistakes, are doomed to repeat it. ‘Learn how you fail’ pattern states that failure is an inevitable part of any learning process. And if we have not experienced failure than we are either not pushing ourselves to our limit or we are making a grave mistake of […]

Crafts over art

Summary: Craft over art pattern makes an important point about quality over beauty. Pattern points out the ugly truth that “For a craftsman to starve is a failure; he’s supposed to earn a living at his craft.” A scenario like this can happen when the craftsman is not skilled but mostly occurs when craftsman decide […]

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