Reading List


Reading List pattern recognizes that as software developers/apprentice we need to start learning the next thing, but how do we choose from the vast ocean skills and information available. The pattern recognizes that its not only hard to decide which language or area we want to master next but also which book or books will be the most appropriate for that step. The pattern recommends the simplest possible implementation that is to create a reading list. Reading list could be just a text file with a list of all books that have been read, books currently being read and books we plan to read.

Why this pattern?

Reading List pattern helps answer one of the most difficult questions, what next? Now that I am done with college, the obvious thing to do next is to find a job. However, the list of the things I have barely managed to scrap the surface of in the last year, specifically the two capstones, its like I have a bitter after taste in my conscious. The pattern has covered every possible question I can have. Which book do I start with? Ask help from a mentor like a professor or pick a book that covers a broad spectrum of the topic I want. Which book next? If I want something in the same area, I can go deeper. For example, after software development, now maybe I can focus on web development or mobile application development. If I want to learn a new language, I can google the most in demand computer language and chose from there. Sometimes I can find our next book within the bibliography of the current book I am reading. If I want to expand my horizon and read something outside of computer science; I can publish my list online and ask my peers and more experienced community members to guide me.

The pattern also recognizes that sometimes in order to keep the list updated, the order of the books will keep changing. Moreover, sometimes due to priority changes or simply advances in technology, some books will keep dropping down in the suggested column and we might never get an opportunity to read them.

Where I disagree:

Nowhere, unless there is a pattern out there that can control a person’s mind and force them into start reading.

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