Crafts over art


Craft over art pattern makes an important point about quality over beauty. Pattern points out the ugly truth that “For a craftsman to starve is a failure; he’s supposed to earn a living at his craft.” A scenario like this can happen when the craftsman is not skilled but mostly occurs when craftsman decide to prioritize art over their craft. Craftsman should build a software based on the product owner’s need and not just indulge their desires. It is a craftsman’s responsibility to develop a software that is beautiful. However, this should not be done by sacrificing the utility and productivity of the software. The pattern provides a solution which uses a fifty-fifty line. The craftsman should develop a software which is aesthetically pleasing and feature rich. Creating something that is beautiful and has no use is not craftsmanship, it is a waste of craftsman’s skill and time.

Another aspect the pattern covers is that as craftsman, we need to prioritize product owner’s needs over our own. As craftsman we cannot make excuses of not being in an ideal artistic environment; we need to create a quality product that satisfies the product owner in the provided time frame.

However, craftsman should not do merely do what is expedient. The pattern states us to adhere to our standards even under high pressure. The pattern further explains that based on the product owner’s requirements, sometimes we will need to switch priorities between productivity and cosmetics. To understand, achieve and maintain all our standards, we as craftsman need to understand craft and art are not mutually exclusive but interdependent.  

Why this pattern?

As someone who just graduated and is joining the work force as a software developer, craft over art pattern can be used as a moral compass. Programming is without a doubt a form of art especially if I am working on frontend or User interface. I have been hired by a friend to create a website of his family’s construction company. They wanted a simple website with description of their work, prices, and contact information. I spent hours looking into themes, designs, photos, and live photos and barely any looking into features. After reading this pattern I was able to reorganize my thoughts and let my friend know all sorts of features I would be able to add into his website. He was pleasantly surprised with my suggestions and his family even offered a raise. The pattern helped me stay true to the programming and not get lost in the aesthetics of it all.

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