Learn How You Fail


Those who don’t learn from their past mistakes, are doomed to repeat it. ‘Learn how you fail’ pattern states that failure is an inevitable part of any learning process. And if we have not experienced failure than we are either not pushing ourselves to our limit or we are making a grave mistake of ignoring our faults. The pattern provides a very clear and concise solution, self- assessment. We need to identify and be self-aware of patterns, conditions, habits, and various behaviors that resulted in failure. The pattern also points that once we are conscious of our faults, we are given an opportunity to fix them. It’s like the saying,’ the first step to any solution is recognizing that there is a problem.’ The pattern also lets us know that accurate self-assessment can help us define our limitations. Pattern lets us know that its okay to not excel at everything and accepting these limitations forces us to rid ourselves of all the distractions and reprioritize our goals.

Why I chose this pattern?

To quote Thomas Edison one more time, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This is a very powerful quote because if we don’t remember which road is incorrect, we might very well end up drowning.

‘Learn how you fail’ fits in perfectly after ‘breakable toys’, ‘Practice, Practice, Practice…’ and ‘Record what you learn’. “Armed with that self-knowledge…you allow yourself the choice between working to fix these problems or cutting your losses.” This is a very powerful sentence from the pattern. I have always been very self-aware of my limitations and therefore had my courses for the four years of my college well planned. Unfortunately, due to a fractured foot and a death in the family, I was operating at a bare minimum of my normal capacity. After a long and hard self-evaluating process, I concluded that I will not be able to finish both my capstone courses and even if I do, I will only be doing my bare minimum to pass the course and not for the learning experience. At this point, I decided to cut my losses- drop one of the capstone and do my best in the other one.

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